Customs processing

Ridgebrook LP performs a full complex of customs services.

According to Russian legal system, all cargo and vehicles passing through Russian border are subject to customs processing and control from custom authorities. Depending on cargo and vehicle type customs authorities can request additional papers (such as cargo or vehicle delivery contract, export pass, licenses, certificates, expert reports etc.) from exporter (at exporting from Russia) or importer (at importing to Russia). Ridgebrook LP as a professional in customs service will help you to execute documents correctly, meeting all customs requirements. Our company staff has high professional skills and guarantees timely and full customs processing meeting all the requirements including customs duties payment procedure.

We can also perform customs clearance in American and European countries.

We provide the following services in complex with cargo transportation and as separate services as well:

  • Execution request analysis and finding the best cost-effective execution conditions;
  • Acknowledement letters and other necessary for customs processing documents list development;
  • Import cargo customs processing;
  • Export cargo customs processing;
  • Individual motorcars customs processing;
  • Reexport processing;
  • Storage modes processing;
  • Customs transit cargo transportation;
  • Short term export/import processing;
  • Customs declarations and other documents preparation;
  • Customs duties calculation, TNVED code selection;
  • Certificates obtaining (conformance, veterinary etc.);
  • Expert examination arrangement in central customs laboratory;
  • Customer registration in customs as abroad economic activity participant;
  • Delivery verification and customs processsing(TIR-carnet, CCD) completion control within 2 hours;
  • Getting classification decisions of state customs committee and regional customs offices;
  • Agreement of all customs authorities standard acts;
  • Getting detachments for processing in other customs offices;
  • Legal consultations on customs matter, legal support in difficult situations connected with various legal processes violations;
  • Custom clearance in Europe and America.

Collaboration with Ridgebrook LP is:

  • Order performing efficiency;
  • Individual attention to customers;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • Great working experience.

Skilled professionals of the company are ready to consult and solve your customs problems basing on current Russian legislation and State Customs Committee legal base knowledge.