Sea Shipping

Ridgebrook LP is an international logistics company carrying out multimode transportation, including sea shipping with all major shipping lines to provide rapid service on favorable terms. We place sea shipping as a separate service because this method of transportation is our specialization and “hobby”.

We manage cargo transportation at the highest world standards including a full spectrum of services like paper work, forwarding and customs clearance according to customer demands, cargo location and its physical properties and HWD.

At present our service territory includes all major trade lines all over the world. Our offices can be found in Great Britain, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and the USA. In Russia we have offices in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

Our container traffic services include:

  • Your cargo “port-to-port” or “door-to-door” delivery through a network of transport agents to any town in the world;
  • Cargo processing management at ports, railway terminals and bonded warehouses;
  • Custom clearance is performed at Baltic, St.Petersburg and Moscow customs;
  • Customs declaration, certificates of origin and conformity and hygienic certificate preparation;
  • Customs broker services. Our employees will select TNVED code, and prepare customs duties calculations for you for free;
  • Realtime information on container location;
  • Exporters/importers legal support, representation of customer interests with Russian customs authorities.

Our highly professional international team can solve difficult multimode and international transport management and performance problems on-the-fly. Our Qualified staff will draw an optimal route for you, and will help you choose transport type and estimate transporttion costs.

One of the indisputable advantages of our company is that our specialists have an experience in working at container lines and know all the nuances of this system, so they can solve any sea shipping problems rapidly.

We can perform sea shipping in the following modes:

  • Container transportation;
  • Part Cargo;
  • Full Freight Vessel.

Container transportation

This is the most rapidly growing method of international transport. Container cargo traffic grows from year to year. At present all the world’s oceans are covered by shipping lines, and Ridgebrook LP can suggest the optimal way and route for your business’s deliveries.

Ridgebrook LP organizes container transportation all over the world through various ports, including cargo freight, forwarding, and custom clearance.

Sea container shipping is very reliable and cheap way in comparison to other ways of international transportation. Depending on the kind of cargo, physical properties and quantity Ridgebrook LP provides various containers for transporting your cargo:

  • Standard 20’ by 40’ containers;
  • 20’ by 40’ H/C(High Cube and Pallet Wide) containers;
  • 20’ by 40’ Open Top containers;
  • 20’ by 40’ Flat Rack containers;
  • 20’ by 40’ Rf Containers;
  • 45pw containers;
  • Flat platforms;
  • Dry vans;
  • Tank Containers.

Рart Сargo Mode

Sea shipping is the cheapest among modern transportation methods used for long distance and intenational transportation. Containers can be used for all cargo allowed by corresponding transportation rules. Cargo located in a closed container guarantees cargo’s safety at all transportation stages, irrespectively to overloads and other actions that container might be subject to. It is the most convenient way to transport cargo in the condition and packaging that is required by manufacturers. Cargo is transported in special containers, unversal or special for certain cargo: dangerous, perishable, etc.

Our company can transport cargo in Part Cargo mode. i.e. not using the wholevessel load.

Full Freight Vessel Mode

Sea shipping lowers transportation expenses and shortens transport time terms. Sea shipping is one of the most convenient ways of cargo transportation. Sea shipping can be convenient for companies that operate small consignments.

Containers are universal, it makes sea shipping the major constituent of multimode transportation Containers can be carried on sea or river vessels, as well as by railway or truck.

Full Freight Vessel mode is the shipping mode that implies full boat load by customer, and the cargo quantity is not necessary.

In both modes we can transport the following cargo types:

  • General Cargo;
  • Bulk Cargo;
  • Liquid Cargo.

General cargo is a countable cargo that is tare packed or packaged, including: boxes, bags, barrels, packages, containes etc.

Bulk Cargo — i.e. unpacked cargo.

Liquid Cargo is fluid.