International trucking

In international trade, distances are measured in thousands of kilometers and consignments weight is estimated in tens of tons. That's why prompt and safe delivery plays a very significant role. Cargo transportation differs in some parameters. One of the most important in the modern market is geography: local, long-distance and international. Not all logistics companies can perform international transportation, because it requires modern techniques and high standards of staff training.

Ridgebrook LP international trucking main line lies between the countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia.

The complexity of such trucking is caused by a set of additional services and abilities of the carrier company: customs clearance and border control passage; warehousing and guarding of cargo; compliance of transport, including trucks, with a high level of safety requirements; proper and functional communication support at every truck waypoint. It is necessary to accentuate that the staff skills of the carrier company is the key point in guaranteeing accurate and rapid international trucking solutions. Our experience allows us to promise our customers the following:

  • Professionalism and attention of all of our staff to all customer questions;
  • Reliability of all vehicles and compliance with all international and state technical and safety requirements. We can render almost all kinds of hauling stock for various kinds of cargo. We use only vehicles of leading car manufacturers, that allows us to maintain European levels of international trucking quality;
  • Prompt Observance of delivery schedules. The basic principle of our work is to observe all contract points irrespective of order complexity and route distance;
  • Cargo transportation safety, as it is insured for the transport period;
  • Solving all problems arising from Acts of God during transportation. We never leave our customer face to face with problems that occurred due to challenging circumstances. We are ready to solve any problems, reach compromises and find common ways out of any situations — transportation comfort is essential for us;
  • Possible methods of delivery: export, import, any other desired delivery terms (CIF, CPT, DDU, DDP).