Qualitec 2008 award for development and innovation in the nautical industry

A motorised roller for prow sails produced in Forlì wins first prize.

Special mentions for an anchor roller and a steel and teak armchair. Jury impressed by the high technological value of the products

=At Seatec 2008, the International Exhibition of technologies and subcontracting for boat and ship builders, technological innovation received its just recognition with the fifth “Qualitec Award”, the competition open to the most innovative products and services on show at the exhibition.
The jury, composed of experts in the sector, gave the award to “A.R.TE.” from Forlì and special mentions to Atep Italia from Sarnico (BG) and Lofrans’ from Monza, that stood out for their attention to development and innovation in the nautical industry.
The jury, composed of leading experts in the industry, gave the Qualitec Award  to the Forlì company A.R.TE. Srl – Advanced Research and Technology – for RLG-CODE, the first motorised roller for prow sails conceived for flush-deck assembly, which integrates self-alignment with a ball and piston for tensioning the  forestay.
“Detailed design and accurate building and finishing while still maintaining the necessary solidity and robustness for this kind of deck hardware. Its working, already tested on board a few prestigious boats, has proven reliable, smooth and powerful at the same time. It allows for the rapid the inferitura of large sales such as the “code zero”, gennaker, etc...even with a limited crew, in total safety.
Yet another demonstration of design capacity and excellent building practice on behalf of a company that is positioned at the top of the international market for deck equipment.
ATEP Italia in Sarnico (BG) received a special mention from the jury for its product Comfort Seat, “an original armchair with a very solid and well-finished structure in steel  and teak, to which an expanded polyurethane seat is fixed with a practical velcro system with an adjustable six-position back rest inside. In addition to the material of the structure which is typically nautical, there is the seat fabric which is waterproof and can be customised in different colours and the convenient folding up of the chair which drastically reduces the spaces it takes up.”
A further special mention  was given to Lofrans’ Srl in Monza for its product Easy Chain 3000, a device which distributes the anchor chain when it is taken up in an even and orderly manner inside the prue locker, so as to avoid chain “cones” forming. As soon as the boat starts to navigate the chain cone  ends up collapsing on itself, often locking the initial part of the chain under the mass of the remaining part and thereby preventing the quick use of the anchor. “This product increases safety on board, is available for practically all chain sizes used by medium small boats up to superyachts, and is simple, innovative and well built.”
Following the jury’s motivations, the award-winning companies presented the technical characteristics and design criteria behind their products.