NYK Logistics launches rail freight service

NYK Logistics has launched a rail freight service between Southampton and inland freight terminals at Tamworth (BIFT) and Daventry (DIRFT), helping customers to avoid port and road congestion.


Currently involving the movement of up to 150 containers per week, the service is primarily being used to support the delivery of product into the UK distribution networks of NYK’s existing retail customers, and is allied to the company’s international supply chain management activities.

Managing the flow of both product and information from vendors in the Far and Middle East and Europe into its customers UK distribution networks, NYK has complete visibility of inbound volumes from point of origin to arrival in the UK and is able to identify containers suitable for onward transportation by rail, dependent on their destination and how quickly the product is required. NYK is then responsible for the booking of containers with train operators EWS and Freightliner (Logico) for movement from Southampton to BIFT and DIRFT.

On arrival at the inland freight terminal, product can be held for between 24-48 hours, providing a buffer for customers’ distribution centres in the event of disruption to the downstream supply chain. NYK then operates a stringed delivery system to the DC, with dedicated vehicles shunting product from the terminal to the DC in line with pre-arranged booking slots giving the DC a near zero defect, on-time delivery performance.

NYK’s International business unit director, Philip Brown said: “Whilst the use of rail is currently restricted by the lack of infrastructure, the government recognises the need to invest in the UK’s rail network, both to ease congestion and to reduce CO2 emissions.”