Lufthansa Cargo, AiRUnion and Krasnojarsk Airport sign MOU

Lufthansa Cargo, AiRUnion and Krasnojarsk Airport have signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering a strategic co-operation.

The signatories have agreed to co-operate in creating all operational and commercial prerequisites to enable Lufthansa Cargo to make use of the Siberian airport in Krasnojarsk as a stopover point for its flights to and from Asia.

Krasnojarsk Airport and the service companies operating there have promised to implement corresponding measures and to make the necessary investments.

The measures to be implemented include the upgrading of the instrument landing system to the so-called ICAO category II, which makes trouble-free use of the airport possible even in adverse weather conditions. This modernisation should be completed and officially certified by end-2008.

Lufthansa Cargo will make several flights to the Siberian airport in June 2008 for test purposes. Within the next five months, all further preparatory work should be completed, so that Lufthansa Cargo can start regular flight operations via Krasnojarsk.