Dayang Deaths

Four workers have been killed at China’s Dayang Shipbuilding and two other workers were seriously injured in the incident. Sinopacific’s chief executive Simon Liang confirms the incident and says it was caused by a fallen roof-top of a new storage factory at the shipyard.
“These sub-contractors were involved in the construction of the roof-top of our new storage factory and they did not practice the basic safety principles”, said Liang.
Sinopacific claims that it is the first time that such fatality has taken place at Dayang Shipbuilding.
“China is very strict with safety standards at shipyards and our full-time yard workers practice them closely”, said Liang.
“The state in carrying out an investigation on the incident and it has not release its findings yet”.
Sinopacific adds that the collapsed roof-top did not cause any disruption to Dayang’s shipbuilding activities.