Agility Europe expands in Austria and Slovenia

Agility is expanding its network in the Eastern European markets. On April 1st, Agility Austria will commence operations in Salzburg, with a second office opening in Vienna later in the month.

Agility Austria will offer a full portfolio of air, ocean and road freight services, and will act as a focal point for Agility’s eastward development.

Agility Austria, part of Agility Europe’s Area East, is headed by Friedrich-Johann Schupitta, director of Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic & Romania.

In Slovenia, Agility has been in operation since the beginning of this month, with headquarters located at the international airport of Ljubljana.

Additionally, an ocean freight division will be based at the port of Koper and an office for road freight is also planned, which will allow Agility Slovenia to offer the whole range of Agility freight services.

In Slovenia, Agility Logistics is headed by Jože Globoènik, who was previously managing director of Avico Air Cargo – Agility’s exclusive agent for Slovenia.

According to Globoènik, Agility’s logistics service offering will be focused on the European automobile and automotive suppliers, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Agility Europe’s Area East includes Russia, Ukraine, Baltics, Austria, south-eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).